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CadillacClock loves CatClock CadillacClock loves CatClock

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I Agree...

I agree with all that has been said below.

emo robot emo robot

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Super comedic lyrics times awesome! I eagerly a wait your next batch of songs. You're hilarious.

Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy) Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy)

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Ode To Joy

I was expecting the Adams Family. :(

WC > Olive WC > Olive

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Nice, sounds very Ambient and Glitch, all at the same time. Very intense, and neat. Seems unorganized, while still following a pattern. It is amazing. Loved it. You get my fifen.

StrangeEncounters responds:

:D Thank you.

Clockday 06 song Clockday 06 song

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Happy Clock Day

Happy Clock Day topcatyo! I realy like this song!

topcatyo responds:

Thanks you.
Happy Clockday!

Progenitor Progenitor

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Hello World...

wow, you our good, except that base line sounds off so the song seems a little confused. Anyway keep trying G9! Also thanks for putting me on the the podcast 4 times so far. Hope to listen to more work from you and more g9Core podcasts!


G9 responds:

Thanks man... and your songs kick ass, man, as all the other submissions do... hence they make the podcast! You'll definitely hear some more of my tracks in the near future... as well as more podcasts!


WTFerator WTFerator

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Well, nice song, I just loved the name. It is so very funny. Cya on the forums.

-The Newly Reborn AngryStudent-
P.S. Check out my audio to please (-_0)

topcatyo responds:


Star Stealing Girl CC Star Stealing Girl CC

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Another 7!

Nice song, but like Chronamut this still did not feel like it is from Chrono Cross, which I just happen to love to death.

Please check out
my good songs!
(Only The Good)

Realmguys responds:

Hey that's fair. Thanks for the review.

*+*+(Star Stealing Girl)+*+* *+*+(Star Stealing Girl)+*+*

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Very Good, Like A Seven good!

I know that dosen't sound to good, but I love this. My only problem is it is to life like. I wish it had a more video game feel. I just only wish.

Look at my Stuff!

Chronamut responds:

well.. I dont ever recall a song sounding to real to be a crime.. also the original sounded real too - because it was - so in essence I did my job completely :P

thanks for the review!


We Love Candy We Love Candy

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I am confused...

I know that this was a joke track and all, but what did the subliminal messages say? I am retarted so I can't understand stuff backwards!

dj-padman1 responds:

subliminal messages? Oh, those ! Something about the dreams of the children...I wish i knew!!
Thanks for stopping by man :)