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Good Loop...

I think I might use this seeing how well it kicks ass! I gave effort a 7 just becuase well you know it is not a full song, but that is good for me!
I hope you like clocks! Also Have you ever been featured as top artist before?
P.S. You reviewed one of my songs a while back could you review my song Project Suffer now? It is not finished becuase I still have to fix choppiness and stuff, but it is a good start I guess.

LJCoffee responds:

By all means use it! Are you asking about the weekly top 5? If so, then yeah, I've made it on there 2 or 3 times I think - I don't pay much attention though because it's automated so the top 5 doesn't really mean a lot.

If you mean the front page then yep, I've had a track on there as well.

If you mean the "Featured Author" on the AP page then no - I don't think so...

And if you mean something else entirely then... well ... then I have no idea what you're asking so I can't say. :)

Project Suffer - on my way to review as soon as I get done with this response.

As far as clocks go, the stars have used a piece of mine but never the clocks (yet) so if you use this in a clokc submission and the glocks also decide to use something of mine then I guess that means.... well .. shit I don't know what that means.. :D

Doo-doo-duh PUMP IT UP!

Shit Muffins that was good... another good hit!
And yet again another horse anus! Man your gonna have like 100 soon? FFFFFAFuturrRrEsSSSah Ah POUNDDDEDEDDEH!

Anima-Theory responds:

Yay, I like horse anus, if you fry them up they look like calamari :P

Anyways, thank for the review



That was awsome! Congrats. you won another horse anus!

Anima-Theory responds:

ok :P

I guess thats good :P

Thanks man ^_^


Nice Ambient!

Very good it does get a little repetitive though like you said. Anywho can you tell me what you think of my very own Rythmic Sadness(I know horrible name)

VegetarianMeat responds:

Thanks for the review, and I'll definately check out your track. By the way, the name isn't too bad. Finding the right name to suit a song is pretty difficult. Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed it :)


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