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Nice, sounds very Ambient and Glitch, all at the same time. Very intense, and neat. Seems unorganized, while still following a pattern. It is amazing. Loved it. You get my fifen.

StrangeEncounters responds:

:D Thank you.

Happy Clock Day

Happy Clock Day topcatyo! I realy like this song!

topcatyo responds:

Thanks you.
Happy Clockday!

Hello World...

wow, you our good, except that base line sounds off so the song seems a little confused. Anyway keep trying G9! Also thanks for putting me on the the podcast 4 times so far. Hope to listen to more work from you and more g9Core podcasts!


G9 responds:

Thanks man... and your songs kick ass, man, as all the other submissions do... hence they make the podcast! You'll definitely hear some more of my tracks in the near future... as well as more podcasts!



Well, nice song, I just loved the name. It is so very funny. Cya on the forums.

-The Newly Reborn AngryStudent-
P.S. Check out my audio to please (-_0)

topcatyo responds:


Another 7!

Nice song, but like Chronamut this still did not feel like it is from Chrono Cross, which I just happen to love to death.

Please check out
my good songs!
(Only The Good)

Realmguys responds:

Hey that's fair. Thanks for the review.

I am confused...

I know that this was a joke track and all, but what did the subliminal messages say? I am retarted so I can't understand stuff backwards!

dj-padman1 responds:

subliminal messages? Oh, those ! Something about the dreams of the children...I wish i knew!!
Thanks for stopping by man :)


that is all I can say... except I find it funny that you only have just normal audio tracks and then scrolling down I see a platinum and I am all like WTF? Anyway nice work!

Rucklo responds:

Yea this song was featured on the NG frontpage, when the award was fairly new. It scored around 600-700 dls in one day i think... Massive :)

Good Loop...

I think I might use this seeing how well it kicks ass! I gave effort a 7 just becuase well you know it is not a full song, but that is good for me!
I hope you like clocks! Also Have you ever been featured as top artist before?
P.S. You reviewed one of my songs a while back could you review my song Project Suffer now? It is not finished becuase I still have to fix choppiness and stuff, but it is a good start I guess.

LJCoffee responds:

By all means use it! Are you asking about the weekly top 5? If so, then yeah, I've made it on there 2 or 3 times I think - I don't pay much attention though because it's automated so the top 5 doesn't really mean a lot.

If you mean the front page then yep, I've had a track on there as well.

If you mean the "Featured Author" on the AP page then no - I don't think so...

And if you mean something else entirely then... well ... then I have no idea what you're asking so I can't say. :)

Project Suffer - on my way to review as soon as I get done with this response.

As far as clocks go, the stars have used a piece of mine but never the clocks (yet) so if you use this in a clokc submission and the glocks also decide to use something of mine then I guess that means.... well .. shit I don't know what that means.. :D

Doo-doo-duh PUMP IT UP!

Shit Muffins that was good... another good hit!
And yet again another horse anus! Man your gonna have like 100 soon? FFFFFAFuturrRrEsSSSah Ah POUNDDDEDEDDEH!

Anima-Theory responds:

Yay, I like horse anus, if you fry them up they look like calamari :P

Anyways, thank for the review



That was awsome! Congrats. you won another horse anus!

Anima-Theory responds:

ok :P

I guess thats good :P

Thanks man ^_^



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